The Regener8 Annual Conference 2012 took place on Thursday 27 September 2012 at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art on the south bank of the River Tyne in Gateshead. 

The theme for the day was focused around progressing regenerative therapies into the clinic, with keynote speakers from companies who are doing this successfully in the UK and beyond.


Keynote speakers included:

Helen Berry, Research and Technical Manager of Tissue RegenixHer keynote presentation focused on the key steps and considerations that Tissue Regenix went through in order to translate an innovative research concept in to a final regulatory approved medical device product.

Wilfried Dalemans, Chief Technical Officer at TiGenix
His presentation covered 'Evaluating regenerative medicines in the clinics, not business as usual'.

Also speaking at the annual conference was the Technology Strategy Board Cell Therapy Catapult's new Chief Executive Officer Keith Thompson, who gave an overview of the centre. 

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The Regener8 Annual Conference 2012 had the best ever support from sponsors, with 30 organisations represented.